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Did you come to Hawaii to look at rainbows when you really want to scuba dive in Oahu?

Welcome to Oahu scuba diving's Hawaii Shipwreck Diving- Hawaii advanced scuba diving company - devoted to certified scuba divers, Hawaii wreck diving enthusiasts in Waikiki. Wrecks in Hawaii such as the YO-257 and Sea Tiger are conveniently located only minutes away from Kewalo Boat Basin harbor. Because Honolulu is a big city doesn't mean that scuba diving Oahu or wreck diving in Hawaii are hard to come by. In fact, scuba diving in Oahu on one of Oahu's favorite wreck dives is as easy as doing a beach dive. We offer wreck dives for certified scuba divers and cater to your Hawaii scuba diving needs. We are Honolulu's only scuba dive company that focuses on wreck diving and advance scuba diving locations.

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Wreck diving in Hawaii or shipwrecks in Hawaii are fantastic. Whether or not you're an Open Water Scuba Diver or an Advanced Scuba Diver, Oahu scuba diving has the best wrecks in Oahu and shipwrecks to fit your diving needs while on vacation. Shipwrecks in Hawaii litter the waters of Oahu making an excellent shipwreck enthusiasts 'destination. Don't think you can scuba dive in Oahu on the shipwrecks ? Call us to consult with out scuba diving instructors. Call us and let us help you find a nice place for scuba diving Waikiki. We have great ideas for you. Oahu diving locations such as YO-257, Sea Tiger wreck and even the Corsair are great for travelers staying in Waikiki or Honolulu. Turtles, sharks, rays and shipwrecks make anyone a dive Oahu fan.

Open Water Scuba in Hawaii

Come join Oahu Scuba Diving on daily Hawaii scuba diving boat charters for certified Open Water Scuba Divers and Advanced Scuba Divers in Honolulu. We scuba dive in Oahu all year round using the best scuba diving boat in Hawaii. Our instructors are seasoned Honolulu scuba divers who take diving extremely seriously. First time scuba diving in Hawaii? Beginner scuba divers listen up. Although we do not do beginner scuba diving on our charters we can happily refer you to Oahu's best scuba company for non certified divers.

Corsair Wreck Dive

Come out and enjoy the amazing Corsair plane wreck located in Maunaulua Bay. This wreck in Hawaii is one of Oahu's most advanced and unique diving location in Oahu. One of Oahu's only natural wreck dives the Corsair sits in about 110 feet of clear blue Pacific water and is perfect for advanced diving, deep diving and wreck specialties. We can do this dive daily from 7:30 to 12:00.

The YO-257, San Pedro and the Sea Tiger are Oahu's best shipwrecks in Hawaii. These wrecks are in great shape with plenty of sea life and cool areas to explore. Scuba diving shipwrecks in Hawaii can be done with Oahu Scuba Diving Tours. Where we specialize in advanced Oahu scuba. Shipwrecks of Hawaii are designed for the Oahu scuba diver to both penetrate and learn the basic fundamentals of Hawaii shipwreck scuba diving. Shipwrecks located on Hawaii have depths that range from 65 feet to 130 feet depending on which Hawaii shipwreck you scuba dive on. Various marine life thrive on these shipwrecks making these Oahu shipwrecks a beacon for underwater photographers.

Did you know ? The vast majority of the shipwrecks in Hawaii are not a casualty of war as most people assume. Most wrecks of Oahu were purposely sunk. Making great artificial reefs. Shipwrecks in Oahu such as the Yo-257 and the Seatiger are a good example. However the famous plane wreck called the Corsair was actually crashed due to engine failure. The Corsair wreck of Oahu plane wreck is very much intact laying in approximately 115 feet of beautiful Pacific clear water. Scuba diving in Hawaii is fantastic. Only made better due to the fact Oahu has many interesting shipwrecks that are well within your reach. Oahu advanced scuba diving is made possible from these incredible wrecks. Join us for our daily departures to these advanced shipwreck scuba dives of Oahu. We only accept advanced scuba divers with the proper scuba diving ratings. Not an advanced diver yet ? Call us so we can discuss what type of dives you have done and your level of training. Shipwrecks in Hawaii vary in depth and skill level.

So when in Waikiki or Honolulu please give us a call. We are dedicated to advanced shipwreck diving in Hawaii and wreck scuba diving in Oahu. Try us.